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Dermoroyaa CoalTar Shampoo 200 ML.
RoyaaVit A-Z Multivitamin Tablet
RoyaaVit Vitamin D3 Drop 20 ML
Dermoroyaa Coal-Tar Shampoo 200 Ml
Dermoroyaa Eye Cream 30 Ml
Dermoroyaa Lice Block Lice Shampoo 200 Ml

About Us


Pharmaroya Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Inc. It started operating in Istanbul in 2016. It is a global company that carries out its productions in Turkey in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Dermocosmetics, Cosmetics and Reinforcing Girdars and exports its products to many countries. The Roya Group, with 7 companies in 3 countries in the world, with an investment of 6 million US dollars; In production, human health, environment and sensitivity to nature pre-plan. On-site; Tablet, soft capsule, hard capsule, liquid, cream, lotion, shampoo forms are available. 2800 m2 modern and technological production facility and freight production demands are met on time. Within the scope of the Group, 33 people with expertise in the field, the principle of providing quality service to business partners. In this direction there are production requirements; Trademark registration procedures, graphic design, Modelling, packaging, boxing, Labeling and As well as stacking operations. Pharma Roya Inc. Has a production capacity of 15 million boxes per year. With its “RoyaaVit”, “Dermoroyaa” and “RoyaaCare” brands, it carries its products to many countries especially to Turkey.



“Osmangazi Mah., Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. 7/2, Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Türkiye”

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“Mehmet Salih ERSAVAŞ”


“+90 216 311 13 15”

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